A New Nightmare

4 (Sailor Moon Super S)

Air date

October 26, 2000


Yoji Enokido(original)


Kunihiko Ikuhara




Eternal Dreams


Heartfelt Melody

A New Nightmare is the 23rd episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by Eternal Dreams and followed by Heartfelt Melody.


Queen Nehelenia, the supreme ruler of the Dark Moon Circus, is trapped inside a mirror. She tells Zirconia that the holder of Pegasus has a gold dream mirror called the Golden Dream Mirror of Elysion, and that he must find this mirror.

Posters for the Dark Moon Circus are put up. At the arcade, Serena, Rini, Darien, Andrew, and Rini's friend Melanie meet four mysterious girls. They eventually leave, repeatedly saying "Don't dream that your all grown up big dreams are best just for kids".

They return to the Dark Moon Circus. They are really the Amazon Quartet, the four shadowy figures with the orbs that Zirconia told to kill the Amazon Trio. They introduce themselves to Zirconia as Besubesu the animal trainer, Selesele the flower magician, Junjun the acrobat, and Parapara the ball walker. However, they think they can run the Dark Moon Circus better than Zirconia (while calling him "Zirc", "Zircy", and "Zirco"). Besubesu attacks him, calling him "Zirc the Jerk", but he blasts her away. Zirconia says he will kill them if they do this again, and tells them to go after Melanie.

Besubesu meets up with Melanie and gives her and Rini tickets for the Dark Moon Circus.

At the circus, Selesele hypnotizes Melanie with a trapeze into coming over to them. Besubesu uses a cue with her red orb to shoot it directly at Melanie and extract her dream mirror. It is not the golden dream mirror. Serena, Rini, Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina all transform to stop her. BesuBesu summons a Remless named Garagara, who resembles a snake. Garagara eats Melanie's dream mirror. Sailor Mini Moon tries to get it back. After a bit of a fight, Sailor Mini Moon calls Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell, and Sailor Moon destroys Garagara with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. The dream mirror is released unharmed and returned to Melanie.

Zirconia suspects that the Amazon Quartet are planning a rebellion, but Queen Nehelenia tells him not to destroy them.


  • First true appearance of Queen Nehelenia, and first unshadowed appearance of the Amazon Quartet
  • The villains no longer have to look into the dream mirrors, as they now know that the right person's dream mirror will be gold
  • First appearance of Melanie
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