A Pegasus Page Turner

Ryota Yamaguchi (original),
Nathalie Gregoire,
Lisa Lumby-Richards,
Drew McCarthy,
Louise Tasse


Hiroki Shibata

A Pegasus Page Turner is the seventh episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by Much Ado About Kitten and followed by A Teacher's Lesson.


A popular book comes out entitled The Moonlit Pegasus, by Tomoko Takase. She is a friend and former classmate of Lita.

The fact that the story is about a Pegasus makes Zirconia think that Tomoko is the one whose dreams Pegasus is hiding in, and Tiger's Eye goes after her. He beats up a crowd of people who are looking for Tomoko.

Lita finds Tomoko, who says that she lost all inspiration and can't write stories as good as The Moonlit Pegasus anymore, saying no words come to mind anymore. Tiger's Eye decides to take advantage of her sadness. The reason she lost her inspiration is because she saw the boy who inspired her stories with another girl. Lita talks to Tomoko through the window and says that if just one person enjoys her stories, she should keep writing them.

Tiger's Eye enters, traps Tomoko, and extracts her dream mirror. Lita, Serena, and Rini transform into Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mini Moon and enter to stop him. He summons a Remless named Tenko to fight them. Tenko traps all three of them in chains, and Tiger's Eye looks into Tomoko's dream mirror but does not find Pegasus. Tenko puts a time bomb on the Sailor Scouts to explode in two minutes. However, Tuxedo Mask rescues them from the chains, and Sailor Jupiter throws the bomb, causing it to explode on Tenko. Sailor Mini Moon summons Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy Tenko.

Having seen Pegasus during the battle, Tomoko is now inspired to write again.


  • First and last appearance of Lita's old school friend, Tomoko Takase.
  • First and last appearance of Remless Tenko
  • This is one of the few times a target is selected by Zirconia rather than the Amazon Trio (as they point out that their failures aren't their fault when he picks the target)


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