A Teacher's Lesson is the eighth episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by A Pegasus Page Turner and followed by The Trouble With Love.


Tiger's Eye says the holder of Pegasus has the power to rule the world and doesn't realize it. If they can corrupt the person they are looking for, then Pegasus will be theirs. He summons a Remless named Hebihanabiko who can enter the heart of someone through the shadow of something she possesses. Pegasus is a shadow in the real world, therefore Hebihanabiko can enter the heart of the holder of Pegasus through him.

Rini's art class draws a landscape. Rini draws Pegasus in her picture, which her teacher, Miss Marino, says she can't give her a high mark on for adding something extra into a landscape.

Miss Marino is the next target of the Amazon Trio. Hawk's Eye and Fish Eye turn it down, so Tiger's Eye goes after her. He meets up with her, and she tells him she's always dreamed of being a teacher, but now that she is one, is not so sure, as she can't stand the children at all. Eventually Tiger's Eye traps her and extracts her dream mirror. He looks into her dreams and doesn't find Pegasus. Serena and Rini transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon to fight him. Tuxedo Mask arrives, and Sailor Mini Moon uses Crystal Twinkle Bell and summons Pegasus. Tiger's Eye summons Hebihanabiko, who enters Pegasus, turning him to stone. Tiger's Eye leaves, not noticing Sailor Mini Moon fall asleep.

In the dream world, Rini encounters Hebihanabiko, who tells her she can use Pegasus's power to rule the world. She tells her to take the reigns to use this power, but Rini refuses. Pegasus awakens and destroys the reins. Hebihanabiko is driven out of Rini's dream and she wakes up. Sailor Moon uses Moon Gorgeous Meditation and destroys Hebihanabiko.

Miss Marino tells Rini that although she can't give her a high mark, she does like the picture.

At nighttime, a crystal ball appears, through which Pegasus talks to Rini and says they can talk at any time through this crystal ball.


  • First and last appearance of Remless Hebihanabiko
  • Hebihanabiko is the first one of the Dark Moon Circus to find out the identity of the holder of Pegasus, but is destroyed before she can tell anyone
  • Rini now has the crystal ball she can use to talk to Pegasus
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