A True Reflection

4 (Sailor Moon Super S)

Air date

October 24, 2000


Yoji Enokido(original)


Kounosuke Uda




No Prince Charming


Eternal Dreams

A True Reflection is the twenty first episode of Sailor Moon Super S and the hundredth and forty first episode in the series overall. The episode aired October 24, 2000 on Cartoon Network's Toonami.


Zirconia is angry at the Amazon Trio for their failures and gives them a picture of the next target: Darien. Fish Eye decides to go after him. She meets up with Darien at a fish store, but cuts herself on some glass. Darien bandages her hand, and suddenly his hand begins to glow. Serena becomes jealous of Fish Eye, who says she is Serena's rival for Darien's love. Diana pokes her head out of the bag, causing Fish Eye to run off.

Four shadowy figures tell Zirconia that the Amazon Trio are useless, but Zirconia says that they might still be useful, and their Queen Nehelenia is losing patience.

Darien avoids kissing Fish Eye, who says that this is the first time she has ever felt love. She asks why Darien loves Serena, and he says it is because she is so full of life and dreams. She mentions to Tiger's Eye that they never have dreams. She traps Tiger's Eye on a board and tries to extract his dream mirror, but a dream mirror is unable to appear.

They do not know why they do not dream. Zirconia summons them and tells them that Queen Nehelenia is getting impatient (this is the first time that they realize they have a queen). Nehelenia speaks to them through the face on Zirconia's cloak. She says if they fail to catch Pegasus again, the magic spell will be reversed. Zirconia reveals to them through a mirror that they were originally a tiger, a hawk, and a fish, turned into human forms by Zirconia using a magic orb. He says the only way to remain human is to get Pegasus's golden horn.

When Darien rejects Fish Eye, she reveals her true identity and traps him on a board and extracts his dream mirror. Serena and Rini transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon and arrive at the scene. Fish Eye summons a Remless named Tobihaneru to fight them. He makes them both jump on a trampoline. Fish Eye looks into Darien's dreams and does not find Pegasus.

However, she decides not to kill him, kissing him instead. Sailor Mini Moon summons Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell, and Sailor Moon destroys Tobihaneru with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. At night, Serena finds Fish Eye in the rain, and forgives her for trying to steal Darien from her.


  • First and last appearance of Remless Tobihaneru.
  • This episode reveals the origin of the Amazon Trio.
  • First appearance of Queen Nehelenia and the Amazon Quartet. The quartet are shadowed, and Nehelenia never seen on-screen, just speaking through the face on the front of Zirconia's cloak.


Lita: "(Raye, Lita and Mina arrives) What's the matter?"
Dana: "I know that smell?"
Fisheye: "Cat!"
—Lita, Diana and Fisheye
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