Amazon Quartet

JunJun, ParaPara, CeleCele, BesuBesu

The Amazon Quartet are the servants of Zirconia and Queen Nehelenia in Sailor Moon Super S. Their names are BesuBesu, CeleCele, JunJun, and ParaPara.

After the Amazon Trio left, the Amazon Quartet took over. Unlike their predecessors, they were fully aware of Queen Nehelenia's existence, as it was she who gave them their orbs (which gave them eternal childhood) when they found a dream mirror in the forest. They do not like the idea of growing up.

Like the Amazon Trio, they would each take it in turns to search for dream mirrors. Unlike the Amazon Trio, who had to look into the dream mirror to see if Pegasus was there, the Amazon Quartet knew (since Nehelenia told Zirconia) that the dream mirror of the holder of Pegasus would be gold.

Besu Besu's Remless were always animal-themed, as she is an animal trainer. CeleCele's Remless (though she only sent two) were always plant-themed, as she was a plant master. JunJun's Remless were always male, and ParaPara would target several people at once. Her only male Remless was Mr. Magic Pierrot, whom she sent to kill the Amazon Trio in Episode 22, Eternal Dreams. JunJun is an acrobat and Para Para is a ball rider.

They often annoyed Zirconia, calling him names like "Zirc", "Zircy", "Zirco", "Zirc the Jerk", and "Zirc Face".

The Amazon Quartet and the Sailor Scouts discovered each others' identities in Episode 34, Day of Night. They fought each other, and Para Para used a voodoo doll on them, until Tuxedo Mask attacked her, and Zirconia recalled the Amazon Quartet.

Their power was increased by Queen Nehelenia, and they fought the Sailor Scouts and gained the advantage, until Sailor Mini Moon summoned Pegasus, and Sailor Moon defeated them with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

After Zirconia captured Sailor Mini Moon, the Amazon Trio switched her around with a doll created by Para Para, with the intent of riding Pegasus and taking his horn. When Zirconia found out, he imprisoned them in mirrors in another dimension. There, they began to feel like they were on the wrong side. When he was nearly defeated by the Sailor Scouts, Zirconia teleported the Amazon Quartet to him and drained their power. The Sailor Scouts convinced the Amazon Quartet to smash their orbs on the ground, giving up both eternal childhood and Nehelenia's power, thus Zirconia could no longer drain Nehelenia's power from them.

They later helped Sailor Moon fight Queen Nehelenia, by switching the golden crystal (which made Nehelenia unstoppable) around with a pineapple and giving it to Sailor Moon. After Nehelenia was defeated and left Earth for good, the Amazon Quartet distracted everyone from Rini and Pegasus by saying "Look, a UFO!" and decided to leave quietly, saying they might see the Sailor Scouts again sometime. The final episode was their final appearance.