Artemis is a white cat who can talk and has a crescent moon on his forehead. He is Sailor Venus's companion, and the one who gave her the transformation pen.

Artemis's first actual appearance was in Episode 29, Sailor V Makes the Scene, alongside Sailor Venus. In Episode 33, however, it is revealed that he is Central Control, who, previously, was telling Luna all about the news related to the Negaverse or Sailor Scouts, through the Sailor V Video Challenge game in the arcade.

Back in the Moon Kingdom, Artemis was sent into the future along with Luna to make sure the Sailor Scouts awakened should the Negaverse return.

Artemis and Luna were nearly killed by Malachite, but the Sailor Scouts arrived in time, and Sailor Moon finally destroyed Malachite.

In Sailor Moon R, they attempted to fight off Cardian Vampeal themselves before reawakening the Sailor Scouts, who lost their memories after the fight with Queen Beryl.

In Sailor Moon Super S, it is revealed that Artemis and Luna will get married in the future and have a kitten named Diana, who travels into the past as Rini's companion.


  • Artemis looks similar to Meowth from Pokemon.

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