Ayatoriko is a Remless sent by Tiger's Eye to fight the Sailor Scouts. She has the appearance of a spiderlike monster, with several extra spiderlike legs. Her attacks are also string-related, throwing sharp stars made of string, or using giant string webs or threads to tie people up. She loves to say "Cat's Cradle". She appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 12, Cutting It Close.

Tiger's Eye sent Ayatoriko to fight the Sailor Scouts when they attempted to fight him off as he searched the dreams of Miharu for Pegasus. She used some strings in her hands to shoot Sailor Mars's Mars Fire Ignite back at her through a portal. She gained the advantage against the Sailor Scouts, though Sailor Jupiter managed to destroy her web that she nearly trapped them with. She soon tied them all up. Miharu tried to fight her, but she grabbed her sword with strings. When Miharu let go, the sword hit Ayatoriko and knocked her down. Sailor Mini Moon used Crystal Twinkle Bell to call Pegasus, and Sailor Moon used Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy Ayatoriko.


  • Ayatoriko is the second spiderlike monster, the first being Black Widow from Sailor Moon.
  • Ayatoriko used an attack to swallow Sailor Mars's attack and then shoot it back at her through a portal. This attack is also used by the ancient, Ulyaoth, in the game Eternal Darkness, and also by the demon Janemba in the movie Dragonball Z: Fusion Reborn.
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