Baiting the Trap is the fourth episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by Sweet Dreams and followed by Perfect Couple.


Zirconia tells the Amazon Trio that he is disappointed with their failures. Tiger's Eye targets Molly, but Hawk's Eye is sure Molly is too boring for Pegasus to be in her dreams. Tiger's Eye tries to charm Molly with his good looks, but she rejects him for Melvin. Hawk's Eye and Fish Eye laugh at him because of this, because Melvin is a geek. He is convinced she isn't the one they are looking for, but Hawk's Eye says they can use her as bait so they can catch Pegasus when he comes to help the Sailor Scouts defend her. Hawk's Eye has a magic cage that Tiger's Eye can use to catch Pegasus.

Tiger's Eye pretends to be sick and tells Molly he has three months to live, and tells Molly to become his girlfriend. Molly accepts and tells Melvin, who goes Emo and drinks fifteen milkshakes at once.

Eventually Tiger's Eye reveals his true identity to Molly, traps her, and extracts her dream mirror. Luna informs Serena and Rini, who transform using Moon Cosmic Dream Action and arrive at the scene just as Tiger's Eye looks into Molly's dream mirror and (as he expected) does not find Pegasus. He summons a Remless named Juggling Jackal to fight them. Sailor Mini Moon uses Crystal Twinkle Bell to summon Pegasus. Tiger's Eye uses the cage to try and trap Pegasus, but he is unaffected, going straight through the bars like an optical illusion. Tuxedo Mask attacks Juggling Jackal, and Sailor Moon destroys her with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Molly and Melvin get back together, but Melvin gets sick from drinking fifteen milkshakes.


  • First and last appearance of Remless Juggling Jackal.
  • Pegasus can only exist in the real world as a shadow, unaffected by any attacks but able to use his power
  • Tiger's Eye gets Molly to fall in love with him. Molly was in love with Neflite in Sailor Moon, and Tiger's Eye resembles Neflite (though this is never referenced in the anime).
  • Last appearance of Molly.
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