Biographical Information
Name Bertie
Age Unknown[1]
Height 5'4" (163cm)[1]
Weight 128lbs (58kg)[1]
Blood Type
Family Catzi (oldest sister)
Prizma (older sister)
Avery (older sister)
Personal information
Favorite Color
Favorite Gmestone
Favorite Foods
Least Favorite Food
Favorite Subject
Least Favorite Subject
Favorite Sport
Favorite Animal
Enemy Information
Alignment Evil (formerly),
Affiliation Negamoon Family,
Negamoon Sisters[1]
Rank None[1]
Attacks Water based attacks
Abilities Master Chess player
Power Source
Monster Type
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "Serena Times Two"
Last Appearance "Brotherly Love"
English Kathleen Laskey

"If you're not playing to win, you shouldn't even bother playing!"

Bertie (クンツァイト Berthier?) is the youngest of the Negamoon Sisters who work for Rubeus. Born in the 30th Century on Earth, she was one of the many members of the Negamoon Family who were banished to the moon Planet Nemesis. After attacking Crystal Tokyo and capturing Crystal Palace, Bertie, her sisters and Rubeus travel back to the 20th century to change history in the Negamoon Family's favor. Much like Sailor Mercury, Bertie's power element is that of water and serves as Mercury's foil.


Crystal Tokyo

20th Century Earth

She is the first one sent by Rubeus to take over crystal points in Tokyo. She sent two droids named Droido and Frosty, but both were destroyed by Sailor Moon. When the Sailor Scouts fought Rubeus and the Negamoon Sisters, Bertie fought Sailor Mercury.

After Catzi turned good, Bertie entered a chess tournament in an attempt to take over the crystal point located there, but lost to Amy in the final round. She entered a "freeze play' game with her, freezing her every time she lost a piece, but Tuxedo Mask broke the spell. When Avery and Prizma told her that Rubeus would no longer need her, she attempted to freeze herself, but Catzi stopped her and she decided to turn good, Sailor Moon healing her with Moon Crystal Healing Activation.

She worked with Catzi at the cosmetic shop following this, though Avery and Prizma later attempted to turn her and Catzi evil again.

Her final appearance was in Episode 39.

Powers and Abilities

Bertie's Droids