Birthday Blues Part 1
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3 (Sailor Moon S)

Air date

June 27, 2000


Katsuyuki Sumizawa(original)


Yuji Endo




Individual Happiness


Birthday Blues Part 2

"I sorta kinda slapped Darien in the face..."


Birthday Blues Part 1 (also known as Glass Shoe: Part 1[1]) is the 12th episode of Sailor Moon S. It was preceded by Individual Happiness and followed by Birthday Blues Part 2.


Doctor Tomoe sets his sights on a girl he thinks might possess the Pure Heart, and gives Kaorinite one of his finest Daimon pods to get it.

In the meantime, it is Serena's birthday. However, Darien does now know this, so she ditches him, thinking he has forgotten her birthday. Serena is actually Kaorinite's next target, and, after witnessing her saying she wants a pair of glass shoes, plants the powerful Daimon pod inside one of them. However, she is seen by Amara and Michelle. Darien calls Raye and asks why Serena is angry at him. When Raye tells Darien that it is Serena's birthday, it is revealed that the reason he did not know it was because Serena never told him when her birthday was!

Raye tells Serena this when they are at Raye's temple. Darien buys the glass shoes from Kaorinite (in disguise) for Serena, and they meet up and get back together. Then, the shoe turns into a Daimon named Senishenta. Senishenta attacks Serena and knocks her locket away before she can transform. She traps Serena in crystal and extracts her Pure Heart, which glows with a light brighter than the others. It appears to actually possess power. Sailor Uranus wants to take it, but Sailor Neptune does not, knowing Serena will die if her Pure Heart is gone for too long.

Darien transforms into Tuxedo Mask and stops Senishenta, returning the Pure Heart to Serena. Kaorintie discovers Serena's locket and realizes that Serena is Sailor Moon. Kaorinite and Senishenta corner Serena and Tuxedo Mask as they try to escape. Tuxedo Mask confronts Kaorinite, who says that his fight is with Senishenta. Tuxedo Mask duels Senishenta while Kaorinite tries to break Sailor Moon's locket. Tuxedo Mask breaks Senishenta's sword. Senishenta shoots a crystal beam at Tuxedo Mask, encasing him in crystal.


  • First appearance of Daimon Senishenta.
  • Kaorinite discovers that Serena is Sailor Moon.


  • Serena Tsukino/Sailor Moon- Linda Ballantyne
  • Amy Anderson/Sailor Mercury- Liza Balkan
  • Raye Hino/Sailor Mars- Katie Griffin
  • Lita Kino/Sailor Jupiter- Susan Roman
  • Mina Aino/Sailor Venus- Emilie Barlow
  • Darien Shields/Tuxedo Mask- Vince Corazza
  • Amara Tenoh/Sailor Uranus- Sarah LaFleur
  • Michelle Kaiou/Sailor Neptune- Barbara Radecki
  • Senishenta- Mary Long
  • Kaorinite- Kirsten Bishop
  • Doctor Tomoe- Jeff Lumby


(Raye is talking to Darien on the phone and refrencing Serena)

  • Raye: (yelling) I don't blame her one little bit. All of you guys don't have a clue on how to treat a girl don't you?! You should be ashamed of yourself!!
  • Darien: (afraid) So that's why she was mad.


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