Bumboo is one of the Seven Shadows. He can only say his own name, and attacks with scissors that he throws at his enemies and giant protractors he shoots at them. He first appeared in Sailor Moon Episode 23, Mercury's Mental Match.

After being imprisoned in the atmosphere, he was reborn inside Greg, the third crystal carrier. When Zoycite extracted Greg's rainbow crystal, she turned Greg into Bumboo. However, Greg's influence seemed greater than Bumboo's; he attacked Zoycite at first, until she made him bigger and completely a monster.

He could not be healed at first by Sailor Moon, as he was too powerful. However, after fighting the Sailor Scouts, he was weakened enough. Sailor Moon then used Moon Tiara Magic on him, attaching itself to his head and electrocuting him. She then proceeded to heal him with Moon Healing Activation, returning Greg to normal while eliminating the spirit of Bumboo.

Voiced by Harvey Atkin

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