The Bureau of Bad Behavior is an evil organization led by Doctor Tomoe. They appeared in Sailor Moon S.

Their goal is to awaken their master, Pharaoh 90. At first, they were looking for Pure Hearts in search of three particular Pure Heart Crystals to make the Purity Chalice appear, but it ended up in the possession of Sailor Moon.

They then began looking for Pure Hearts to feed to Mistress 9. Nearly every major member was killed in the process, except Doctor Tomoe, who had been possessed by Germatoid. In the end, Mistress 9 was destroyed by Hotaru, and Pharaoh 90 by Sailor Moon.


  • Doctor Tomoe, the leader of the Heart Snatchers
  • Mistress 9, Doctor Tomoe's boss, and Sovereign of Silence
  • Pharaoh 90, the supreme ruler and the one pulling the strings
  • Germatoid, the Daimon possessing Doctor Tomoe
  • Kaorinite, Tomoe's assistant
  • Eugeal, one of the Witches 5
  • Mimet, one of the Witches 5
  • Telulu, one of the Witches 5
  • Byruit, one of the Witches 5
  • Cyprin, one of the Witches 5
  • Petirol, one of the Witches 5 and Cyprin's other half
  • The Daimon Heart Snatchers


All the named Daimons were destroyed by Sailor Moon except Mikusi and Darumah. Mikusi was destroyed by Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, and Darumah by Sailor Jupiter.

Eugeal crashed her car over a cliff when Mimet put acid snails in it to corrode the brakes.

Mimet entered Eugeal's power device, but Telulu pulled the plug on her.

Telulu was killed when one her plant monster turned on her and selfdestructed.

Byruit's nanocuff was damaged by Sailor Moon, causing it to backfire and dissolve her with the nanomachines in its energy ray

Cyprin and Petirol were tricked into shooting energy beams at each other by Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars, destroying them both

Kaorinite was killed by Mistress 9 when she struck her with lightning.

Doctor Tomoe was released from Germatoid's control, and Germatoid was killed by Sailor Uranus using her saber.

Mistress 9 was destroyed from the inside by Hotaru, overpowering her with memories of Rini and Doctor Tomoe.

Pharaoh 90 was destroyed when Sailor Moon entered him and destroyed his core.

A final Daimon named Rangy, created from the Heart Snatcher Oven itself, was destroyed by Sailor Moon.