Cardians are the monsters of the week sent by Alan and Ann to gather energy for their Doom Tree. They are kept inside cards, and can be summoned at any time. Alan usually summons them by playing a flute. Often Ann is asked to pick them out.

They may have originally been Negamonsters, as Alan and Ann are associated with the Negaverse.

  1. Vampeal
  2. Minotaur
  3. Faraion
  4. Nacrid
  5. Racy
  6. Vulturos
  7. Skulker
  8. Amphibia
  9. Mophead
  10. Pierrot
  11. Insectia
  12. Four Face

The only male Cardians are Faraion (though his appearance leads some to believe the contrary) and Vulturos, who resembles Bobo the Vulture.

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