Biographical Information
Name Cassie
Height unknown
Blood Type
Family Unknown
Education School of Animation
Personal information
Hobbies Drawing
Favorite Color
Favorite Gmestone
Favorite Foods
Least Favorite Food
Favorite Subject
Least Favorite Subject
Favorite Sport
Favorite Animal
Dream To be a famous animator
Friends Lori[1]
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "An Animated Mess"
Last Appearance "An Animated Mess"
English Hillary Goldhar
Japanese Hiroko Emori

Cassie (只下和子 Kazuko Tadashita?) is a minor character who appeared in Sailor Moon, episode 17, "An Animated Mess".[1]


Sailor Moon

Cassie was friends with Lori, a fellow animator. They bought expensive special pencils and promised to use them only for special projects and to ask each other first. However, both of them did use the pencils quite a bit.[1]

When Neflite took control of Lori, Cassie told Amy Anderson she believed something was wrong with her friend. When she, Amy, Raye, and Serena went to confront Lori, Cassie fainted when the Gemini Warriors appeared, which allowed Serena, Amy, and Raye to transform without exposing their secret.

When Lori's energy was restored and the Gemini Warriors were destroyed, she and Lori discussed the fact that Lori used the special pencils they bought together. Cassie held no hard feelings toward her friend and promised that they would remain friends.


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