Biographical Information
Name Catzi
Aliases Regal Cosmetics saleswoman[1]
Age Unknown[2]
Height 5'6" (168cm)[2]
Weight 133lbs (61kg)[2]
Blood Type
Personal information
Favorite Color
Favorite Gmestone
Favorite Foods
Least Favorite Food
Favorite Subject
Least Favorite Subject
Favorite Sport
Favorite Animal
Enemy Information
Alignment Evil (formerly),
Affiliation Negamoon Family,
Negamoon Sisters[2]
Rank None[2]
Attacks Fire based attacks
Abilities Salesmanship
Power Source Dark Crystal
Monster Type
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "Serena Times Two"
Last Appearance "Brotherly Love",
"Diamond in the Rough" (mentioned)
English Alice Poon,
Mary Long

"What a wimp! You're no match for my Ice Fire!...Go take a powder, Moon twit!"

Catzi (コーアン Koan?) is the oldest[3] of the Negamoon Sisters who work for Rubeus. Born in the 30th Century on Earth, she was one of the many members of the Negamoon Family who were banished to the moon Planet Nemesis. After attacking Crystal Tokyo and capturing Crystal Palace, Catzi, her sisters and Rubeus travel back to the 20th century to change history in the Negamoon Family's favor. Catzi's power element is that of fire and serves as Sailor Mars's foil.


Crystal Tokyo

20th Century Earth

She was sent by Rubeus in Episode 14 to capture Rini, but Sailor Moon fought her off.

Later, Catzi attempted to take over a crystal point located at Raye's temple, sending a droid named Rhonda to defeat everyone and put them under her spell. Rhonda was destroyed, and Sailor Mars used Mars Celestial Fire Surround to set Catzi on fire, forcing her to retreat.

Catzi was in love with Rubeus, but he did not love her in return. He rejected her, and told her she was fired after she failed to take over the temple one more time. Catzi went on a rampage. The other Sailor Scouts attacked her, but Sailor Mars stopped them, knowing that there was good inside Catzi. Now that Catzi wanted to turn good, Sailor Moon used Moon Crystal Healing Activation on her to eliminate any negative energy left in her.

Following this, Catzi opened a cosmetic shop. When she arrived to sell her products at the temple, Chad (whom she had beat up earlier) recognized her and thought she was still an enemy. She later appeared in Episode 39, and was mentioned by Diamond in Episode 40.

Powers and Abilities

Catzi has powers of extending her nails and making blue fire come out her hands which she calls "Ice Fire".

Catzi's Droids


  • Her Dic and Tokoyopop name Catzi/Catzy could be because she has a hairstyle which resembles cat ears. Her old dub name name Catzy which could also sound like Cat could be in contrast to Berthier's dubbed name Birdy/Birdie, which both names indicate "cat" and "birdy"
  • In the Dic Dub that she appears in, she speaks in a flirtatious tone. But in Episode 63 up to 76, she speaks in a Brooklyn accent but in a rougher and deeper voice due to her previous voice actress Alice Poon is replaced by Mary Long which she almost sounds like Marge Simpson.