Chagarma is a Daimon Heart Snatcher sent by Eugeal to help her extract Pure Hearts. She attacks with acidic teacups and traps people inside carpetlike rope. She appeared in Sailor Moon S Episode 15, Tainted Tea Party.

Chagarma was created from a teapot by Doctor Tomoe inside his Heart Snatcher oven, and was taken to the scene inside a box by Eugeal, who extracted the Pure Heart from a tea ceremony master, Tamasaburo. Rini transformed into Sailor Mini Moon to stop her, and Eugeal sent Chagarma to fight her. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appeared, but left realizing that the Pure Heart had no power. So did Eugeal. Sailor Moon arrived and fought Chagarma alongside Rini. After an attack by Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon destroyed Chagarma.

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