Chiquon is a Daimon Heart Snatcher sent by Eugeal to help her extract Pure Hearts. She was created from a gramophone playing Doctor Tomoe's Hope for the Future "waltz". Her attacks include shooting energy waves and playing albums to create giant notes to attack her enemies. She appeared in Sailor Moon S Episode 19, Everything Comes Up Rosy.

Eugeal took Chiquon with her as she extracted the Pure Heart from Edward, the host of a fancy party, which the Sailor Scouts were attending. Chiquon attacked the Sailor Scouts, but her album player was destroyed by Tuxedo MaskSailor Moon destroyed Chiquon with Moon Spiral Heart Attack.


  • Chiquon was one of the three Daimons who could use her singing voice as a weapon. The other two Daimons were Octave and Uta.
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