Chiseller is a Daimon Heart Snatcher sent by Eugeal to help her extract Pure Hearts. She was created from a pack of chisels by Professor Tomoe, and attacks by throwing chisels, trapping her enemies in a gravity barrier, and creating monsters out of sand. She appeared in Sailor Moon S Episode 18, Art Appreciation.

Eugeal took Chiseller with her as she extracted the Pure Heart from Rini's boyfriend Massinori. When Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune came to stop her, she sent Chiseller after them. Chiseller created two monsters out of sand to fight them, but they defeated them by throwing them into the water, which was their weakness. As Chiseller was trapping Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon in a gravity barrier, Sailor Neptune used Deep Submerge, which, as a water attack, weakened Chiseller. Sailor Mini Moon used Pink Sugar Heart Attack on her, and Sailor Moon finished her off with Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

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