The Crescent Moon Wand (also known as the Crystal Moon Wand, Crescent Wand and simply Moon Wand) is one of Sailor Moon's second weapons of choice in the first season of the show.

This wand was originally used by Queen Serenity in the Moon Kingdom to trap the Negaverse inside the Silver Crystal.

Luna passed this item on to Sailor Moon to heal humans that had been turned into Negamonsters, however, it would only work on an enemy that was weakened greatly.

Once the wand is reunited with the Imperium Silver Crystal, it would then allow Sailor Moon (or Princess Serena) to use her strongest attack, Cosmic Moon Power, against her enemies.

After the battle against Queen Beryl, the wand was lost forever. It was later replaced by the Moon Scepter as Sailor Moon's strongest weapon.




  • The wand is referred to as the Cosmic Crescent Wand in Bandai America's toy line.
  • In the original Japanese version, it was referred to as the Moon Stick.

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