Cyprin is the fifth of the Witches 5. She shares her mind and body with Petirol.

Character biography

Cyprin's first appearance was in Episode 14, Hello, Sailor Mini Moon, shadowed like the other witches except Eugeal.

Her first unshadowed appearance was in Episode 34, Wake Up Call. Like her predecessors Telulu and Byruit, she only came up with one evil plan, and only lasted one episode. She used a glass statue to extract Pure Hearts from the students at Mugen School. When the Sailor Scouts arrived to fight her, Sailor Venus trapped her with Venus Love Chain Encircle, however, she was stopped by Petirol.

Cyprin and Petirol appeared unstoppable together, shooting energy beams from their staffs at the Sailor Scouts. In the end, the Sailor Scouts came up with a plan. Sailor Mercury used Mercury Bubbles Blast, and Sailor Jupiter tackled Cyprin, who chased after her. She then stood in front of Petirol as Cyprin shot a powerful energy beam at her, just as Petirol was shooting an energy beam at Sailor Mars. However, Sailor Venus got Sailor Jupiter out of the way, and Sailor Mars dodged Petirol's beam, which killed Cyprin just as her beam hit Petirol and destroyed her at the same time.


Cyprin shoots a blue energy beam from her staff.


  • Cyprin and Petirol are similar to Koume and Kotake from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: Two witches, one red and one blue, and their attacks are turned on each other. In addition, that they are said to share the same mind and body is similar to Koume and Kotake combining into Twinrova.

Voiced by Susan Aceron

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