The Dark Moon Circus is the circus of the Dark Moon, run by Zirconia and Queen Nehelenia.

Nehelenia's subjects all became Remless when she became obsessed with eternal youth and beauty. When she was imprisoned in a mirror, she sent Zirconia, created from her fear of becoming ugly. The Dark Moon Circus invaded Elysion, Helios's dream world, to get the golden crystal, but Helios became Pegasus and entered Rini's dreams after he was imprisoned in Nehelenia's mirror.

The Dark Moon Circus then arrived on Earth at a solar eclipse to find out whose dreams Pegasus was hiding in, so they could capture him and take the golden crystal. First the Amazon Trio looked for Pegasus, but couldn't find him. They eventually turned good, were given dream mirrors by Pegasus, and taken to Elysion. The Amazon Quartet took over from here. Eventually they turned good as well, destroying the orbs Nehelenia gave them so Zirconia couldn't take power from them anymore.

All the Remless were destroyed, and Zirconia was destroyed as well when Nehelenia escaped her mirror. She fought the Sailor Scouts, and was defeated by Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon, destroying all the circus tents except the main one, which eventually disintegrated after Nehelenia returned to her mirror.


  • Zirconia (manager)
  • Queen Nehelenia (supreme ruler)
  • Tiger's Eye (one of the Amazon Trio)
  • Hawk's Eye (one of the Amazon Trio)
  • Fish Eye (one of the Amazon Trio)
  • Besubesu (one of the Amazon Quartet, and animal trainer)
  • Selesele (one of the Amazon Quartet, flower magician and trapeze artist)
  • Junjun (one of the Amazon Quartet, and acrobat)
  • Parapara (one of the Amazon Quartet, and ball rider)
  • Several Remless
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