Day Of Night

Nathalie Gregoire,
Lisa Lumby-Richards,
Drew McCarthy,
Louise Tasse


Noriyo Sasaki

Day Of Night is the 34th episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by Tomorrow's Big Dreams and followed by Showtime Showdown.


Queen Nehelenia is getting impatient, and tries to get out of her mirror, but can't because of the light, so she decides to plunge the world into darkness.

Spiderwebs keep mysteriously appearing, and it begins to get darker. The appearance of the spider threads seems to cause Darien physical pain. Soon it is like nighttime and there are spider threads everywhere. Pegasus says the darkness will make it easier for the evil forces to find him, and leaves Rini to find the one who can awaken the Golden Crystal.

Amy analyzes one of the threads and says that the source of the darkness is the circus tent of the Dark Moon Circus (which, strangely enough, no one ever suspected from the first episode until now, as it mysteriously towers high above Tokyo). The girls all go to the base of the circus tent, and see the Amazon Quartet, who are in their human disguises from the previous episode. They have captured several people caught in the threads and have extracted their dream mirrors. They reveal their true identities to the girls, who transform into the Sailor Scouts, revealing their true identities to them as well.

The Sailor Scouts fight the Amazon Quartet, until ParaPara uses a voodoo doll on them, until Tuxedo Mask attacks her. Zirconia recalls the Amazon Quartet, mentioning the "biggest event of the century", and all the dream mirrors are returned. The Dark Moon eclipses the sun, and Pegasus appears and tells the Sailor Scouts not to go to the Dark Moon now.


  • This episode marks the beginning of several episodes put together to form the final part of Sailor Moon Super S, and therefore features no more monsters of the week.
  • This episode featured the English adaptation song "The Theme of the Sailor Team" (fan-titled "Let's Fight") written and arranged by Angelo Oddi.
  • The Amazon Quartet know the identities of the Sailor Scouts
  • Likewise, the Sailor Scouts know the Dark Moon Circus's base of operations
  • Queen Nehelenia has plunged the world into darkness
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