Biographical Information
Name Derela
Aliases Saffron
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color
Enemy Information
Monster Type Negamonster
Alignment Negaverse
Affiliation Jedite
Operations Base
Attacks Sprays paralyzing substance on victims
Abilities Shapeshifting, Drains energy
Power Source
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "So You Want to be a Superstar"
Last Appearance see above
English Voice Maria Vacratsis (DiC Dub),
Megan Hollingshead (Viz Dub)
Japanese Voice Chiyoko Kawashima

"Who's that man in the cape? Let's find out!"

Derela (デレーラ Derella?) is a Negamonster sent by Jedite to gather energy for the Negaverse. She appeared in Sailor Moon Episode 4, "So You Want to be a Superstar".


Derela attacked Saffron, and then impersonated her, announcing a talent competition. She then hypnotized everyone around (including Molly and Melvin) into taking part. She then absorbed their energy at the competition.

Seeing them perform in front of an empty audience made Serena and Luna suspicious, and Serena transformed into Sailor Moon to fight her. Derela revealed her true form and froze Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Mask arrived and shattered the ice. Sailor Moon destroyed Derela with Moon Tiara Vaporize, breaking her spell.


  • Derela's name is likely a play on the name "Cinderella".
  • Instead of saying Moon Tiara Magic, Sailor Moon says "Moon Tiara Vaporize!" Followed by "I banish you to the Negaverse!"
  • Derela is one of two characters (technically three) whose death is referred to as banishment to the Negaverse". The other is Queen Beryl, who was combined with the Negaforce as Princess Serena destroys her with Cosmic Moon Power.

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