Dog Day for Artemis

2 (Sailor Moon R)

Air date

November 1, 1997(Canada)
December 8, 1998(USA)


Shigeru Yanagawa(original)


Yuji Endo


Animal Instinct


No Thanks, Nurse Venus!


Smart Payoff

Dog Day for Artemis is the 32nd episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by No Thanks, Nurse Venus! and followed by Smart Payoff.


Luna keeps teasing Artemis, so he runs off. Serena and Luna find him when Serena steps on his head, and he runs off again when Luna continues to tease him. He sees a man taking four kittens and a stray dog to the Animal Shelter, so he follows them. This animal shelter is also one of Tokyo's vulnerable spots, and Emerald's next target. She knocks out the man and the doctor and places the Dark Wedge, summoning a droid named Animal Instinct to protect the area, disguised as a doctor. She turns all the animals evil.

Serena and Mina go to the animal shelter with Luna, while the brainwashed animals attack people. Serena and Mina transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. Animal Instinct sends the animals after them, but the other Sailor Scouts arrive. Sailor Mercury uses Shine Aqua Illusion to defend them from the animals, but Animal Instinct traps them all in collars. Artemis attacks her, releasing Sailor Moon, who destroys Animal Instinct with Moon Scepter Elimination.

Luna apologizes to Artemis and tells him she is impressed with how he fought the droid. Rini arrives, swinging her backpack, but loses her grip on it, and watches helplessly as it goes flying and hits Artemis.


  • First and last appearance of Droid Animal Instinct.
  • This is an Artemis episode just as "Kitty Chaos" is a Luna episode.
  • The Sailor Says at the end of this episode is the same as in "Kitty Chaos".
  • Alan's flute song makes a cameo in this epsiode while Artemis investigates the Negamoon's plans.
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