The Doom Tree is a tree that lives on the same planet Alan and Ann are from.

It was once called the Tree of Life, and the planet was peaceful, until the aliens were corrupted by the Negaverse, and destroyed each other until only Alan and Ann remained. Since it was no longer receiving any energy, which it needed to survive, the Doom Tree was too weak to speak and tell them that it needed love energy to survive.

Alan and Ann began draining energy for the Doom Tree, thinking it needed negative energy to survive, but it only served to weaken it. It wasn't until the Doom Tree killed Ann and nearly killed Alan before Sailor Moon stopped it that it spoke to them and told them its story. Sailor Moon healed the Doom Tree with Moon Scepter Elimination, reducing it to a much smaller form, but with no negative energy left. It brought Ann back to life, and together they left the Earth with Alan to start a better life somewhere else.

Voiced by Elizabeth Hanna