Doom and Gloom Girls
Biographical Information
Name Doom and Gloom Girls
Aliases --
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blonde, brown, black
Skin Color Orange, purple, turquoise, pink, lime
Height Unknown
Enemy Information
Monster Type Negamonster
Alignment Negaverse
Affiliation Queen Beryl
Rank Minion
Mission Defeat the Sailor Scouts
Operations Base
Attacks Vine trap
Abilities Levitation, flight, illusions
Power Source
Strengths Armored skin
Weaknesses Item dependency
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "Day of Destiny"
Last Appearance "Day of Destiny"
English Voice Julie Lemieux,
Nadine Rabinovitch,
Alice Poon
Japanese Voice

"I guess now you know why we're called the Doom and Gloom Girls!"
—Doom & Gloom Girl 1, Ep. #40

The Doom and Gloom Girls are five Negamonsters who work for Queen Beryl. The bluish green one is apparently their leader. They appeared in Day of Destiny, the final episode of the first season of Sailor Moon.

Queen Beryl sent them to kill the Sailor Scouts as they made their way to the Negaverse at the North Pole. They tried to trick Sailor Moon with an illusion of Tuxedo Mask, and then attacked with metal wires, but were unsuccessful. Afterward, they tricked Sailor Jupiter with an illusion of Andrew, and they trapped her with their metal vine-like wires. However, she used Jupiter Thunder Crash to destroy two of them (the red one and the blue one), but was apparently killed in the process (though the remaining Doom and Gloom Girls say she was captured).

The remaining three tried to trick Sailor Mercury with an illusion of Greg, but she did not fall for it, scanning it and seeing that it was the Doom and Gloom Girls. However, they attacked her and wrapped the cords around her, apparently killing her.

They tried to go after Sailor Moon next, but Sailor Venus got her out of the way, and was captured instead. She was pulled into the ground, where she destroyed the pink one with Venus Crescent Beam Smash, however she was killed in the process.

The remaining two Doom and Gloom Girls (the green one and the greenish blue one) attacked Sailor Mars, trapping her under rubble. She destroyed them with Mars Fire Ignite, but was also killed in the resulting explosion.

The Sailor Scouts later returned after Queen Beryl was destroyed.

These are the last Negamonsters seen in the anime; any unused Negamonsters were destroyed when the destruction of Beryl and the Negaforce destroyed the Negaverse as well. However, Cardians are associated with the Negaverse, which is the reason behind Alan and Ann turning evil.

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