Dream Believer

4 (Sailor Moon Super S)

Air date

November 3, 2000


Ryota Yamaguchi(original)


Harume Kosaka


Paopao Girl


Reflections Of Reality


Pegasus Revealed

Dream Believer is the 30th episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by Reflections Of Reality and followed by Pegasus Revealed.


Rini, Melanie, and Kelly see a boy named Hiroki trying to fly his own airplane, a bike with wings, but crashes it. Rini and her friends offer to help him, but he wants to do it himself. Rini talks with Pegasus, who becomes interested in this, and Rini takes her crystal ball in a basket so he can watch. Hiroki crashes his plane again, and eventually agrees to let Rini and her friends help him.

The Amazon Quartet target Hiroki, and Besubesu goes after him.

Later at night, Rini asks Pegasus who he is, and when he refuses to answer, she thinks she can't trust him, so he leaves her.

Besubesu appears on a floating ball, but is unaware that this would draw suspicion. Rini and Hiroki are suspicious of her, so she reveals her true identity and uses her red orb to extract Hiroki's dream mirror. It is not the golden mirror. Rini transforms into Sailor Mini Moon and uses an attack that resembles Pink Sugar Heart Attack on Besubesu, who summons a Remless named Paopao Girl to fight her. Paopao Girl tries to eat Hiroki's dream mirror, but Tuxedo Mask arrives with the other Sailor Scouts and stops her.

At first, Sailor Mini Moon thinks she is unable to summon Pegasus because he left her, but by believing in him, she is able to summon him with Crystal Twinkle Bell, enabling Sailor Moon to destroy Paopao Girl with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Hiroki and Kelly successfully fly Hiroki's bike airplane, and Rini's crystal ball is restored.


  • First and last appearance of Remless Paopao Girl
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