"Another uninvited guest! And what's with the Mr. Disco vampire look?"

-Tiger's Eye about Tuxedo Mask's appearance

Dreams Take Flight is the first episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by Tough Kindness and followed by No Ordinary Horsepower.


Rini has a dream about a winged unicorn, a Pegasus. He tells her not to tell anyone she saw him.

Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina, Darien, Rini, Andrew, and Elizabeth go to see an eclipse, where the sun, the moon, and the earth will be completely aligned. Right at the moment of the eclipse, a mysterious circus tent appears and positions itself in Tokyo, towering high above the city (but mysteriously unnoticed by any throughout the entire show). Inside is the evil Dark Moon Circus, full of many clown-like monsters. Their leader, the evil old man Zirconia, summons the Amazon TrioTiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Fish Eye. He says they need to capture Pegasus to rule the world. At this moment, Pegasus can only exist in the dream world, and is therefore hiding in a person's dreams. It is the Amazon Trio's task to find out who this is, going through pictures taken by Zirconia's pet eyeball, Zircon, of several people who might be seeing Pegasus in their dreams. They decide to go after Lizzie.

At the moment, Lizzie feels like she and her boyfriend are not destined for each other. Tiger's Eye meets up with her as she is on her way home, and pins her to a board. Serena and Rini arrive and transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon. Tiger's Eye summons a monster called a Remless, named Autodoll Karakuriko, to fight them off. She keeps attacking Sailor Moon until Tuxedo Mask stops her and fights Tiger's Eye. Tiger's Eye traps Tuxedo Mask by wrapping his whip around his shadow on a tree. He then extracts a dream mirror from Lizzie and looks into it, searching her dreams for Pegasus, and doesn't find him. He decides to destroy her so Pegasus can't hide in her dreams later on.

Karakuriko has Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon trapped, when Pegasus appears and transforms Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon into Super Sailors. Sailor Moon uses an attack called Super Moon Target and destroys Karakuriko. Tiger's Eye leaves, and Lizzie and Tuxedo Mask are released. Pegasus vanishes, and Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon return to their original Sailor forms. And they recognize that they now have a new enemy.


  • First appearance of Pegasus, Zirconia, Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, Fish Eye, and Zircon
  • First and last appearance of Remless Autodoll Karakuriko.