Biographical Information
Name Droido
Aliases Make-up saleswoman
Eye Color
Hair Color Green
Skin Color White
Height 5'5"
Enemy Information
Monster Type Droid
Alignment Negamoon
Operations Base
Power Source
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "The Cosmetic Caper"
Last Appearance "The Cosmetic Caper"
English Voice Lisa Dalbello
Japanese Voice

"What would you know, cape boy? Your fashion sense is definitely last season!"
—Droido, Ep. #55

Droido is a droid that Bertie sent to take over a cosmetic shop, which was a crystal point in Tokyo. She has green hair, a ruby on her forehead, and her breath is a deadly makeup that can cause anything to melt. She appeared in Sailor Moon R Episode 15, The Cosmetic Caper.

Bertie sent Droido to take over the cosmetic shop for Rubeus. Droido disguised herself as a shop owner and injured the other workers. She attempted to sell makeup to Serena, who had just been rejected by Darien. When Droido revealed her true identity, Serena transformed into Sailor Moon to fight Droido. Tuxedo Mask arrived at the scene to reflect Droido's makeup breath back at her, taking off her face. As she attempted to paint her face back on with makeup, Sailor Moon destroyed Droido with Moon Scepter Elimination.

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