Elephanko is a Remless and an elephant trainer sent by Hawk's Eye to fight off the Sailor Scouts. Sea Lion is her brother in law. She attacks by rolling around, as she has the appearance of a ball that an elephant stands on. She is also easily distracted. She appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 19, Duchess's Day Off.

When Hawk's Eye was searching Duchess Rubina's dreams for Pegasus, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon came to stop him, so he sent Elephanko and an elephant after them. Elephanko told them all about Sea Lion being her brother in law, and stories about her sister when Hawk's Eye told her to attack. The elephant walked on her, but was too heavy and cracked her head. Hawk's Eye and the elephant left through a portal (Hawk's Eye having to grab onto the elephant's tail as it tried to leave without him), and Elephanko made Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon walk on her until Tuxedo Mask knocked her into a wall. Sailor Mini Moon called Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell, and as Elephanko assumed a humanoid form, Sailor Moon destroyed her with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.


  • Elephanko's sister was going to marry someone else besides Sea Lion, but he was killed when he fell on a pile of tacks on his way to the altar.
  • She also brings up Puko as a good friend.
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