Elizabeth Foreman
Elizabeth Foreman
Biographical Information
Name Elizabeth Foreman
Nickname Lizzie[1]
Age 15-16 (est.)
Blood Type
Family Andrew Foreman[1] (brother)
Personal information
Favorite Color
Favorite Gmestone
Favorite Foods
Least Favorite Food
Favorite Subject
Least Favorite Subject
Favorite Sport
Favorite Animal
Friends Darien Shields[1],
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "Prediction of Doom"
Last Appearance "Dreams Take Flight"
English Sabrina Grdevich (Sailor Moon R),
Catherine Disher (Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon SuperS)
Japanese Miyako Endou,
Eriko Hara

Elizabeth Foreman (古幡宇奈月 Furuhata Unazuki?, also known as Elizabeth Hansform[note 1]) is a reoccurring character in Sailor Moon. Elizabeth is the younger sister of Andrew Foreman, who works as a waitress at a cafe.


Sailor Moon R

When Elizabeth needed a ride home, Darien Shields, a friend of hers and Andrew, offered to give her a ride on his motorcycle. On the way to the Foreman residence, they crossed paths with Darien's ex-girlfriend, Serena Tsukino. Serena assumed that Elizabeth and Darien were in a relationship and in love. However, following a battle with the Droid, Hypnotica, Darien admitted that he and Elizabeth were only friends and he was just giving her a ride home.

Sailor Moon S

Yet to be kissed by her boyfriend, Michael, Elizabeth, now close friends with Serena, asked if she and Darien have kissed yet. Elizabeth became the target of Bureau henchman, Kaorinite, who wanted the Pure Heart of a individual who had yet to receive their first kiss.[2]

The Daimon, Osoji, possesses Elizabeth' vacuum cleaner. As she planned the perfect moment to kiss her bMichael, Osoji manifested and transformed her vacuum cleaner. Osoji attacked her and stole her heart crystal, leaving Elizabeth in a trance where she attempted to kiss Lita Kino. She was rendered unconscious by Raye Hino's Ofuda. Elizabeth was saved by the combined efforts of the Sailor Scouts, and her crystal was returned following Osoji's destruction.[2]

Sailor Moon SuperS

When Queen Nehelenia's Dark Moon Circus arrives in Tokyo, Elizabeth is having doubts about her relationship with Michael.[3] She became the first target of Tiger's Eye, a member of the Amazon Trio. On her way home, Tiger's Eye attacked her and forcibly removed her Dream mirror with his magic, but did not find Pegasus. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon intervene, and they are able to save Elizabeth and return her dream mirror.[3]


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