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Esther Thibault
Birth-date June 7
Birthplace Canada
Roles Singer,
Voice Actor
Songs (lyrics) --
Songs (music)
Songs (vocals) Love Soldiers,
I am Sailor Moon,
Wanting To Be Us,
The Theme of the Sailor Team
Albums None

Esther Thibault (formerly Esther Jaciuk) is a Toronto area singer/actress with a passion for voice work.



Esther has a BFA in Music Theatre from the University of Windsor. Favourite roles include Canadian musicals such as Anne in “Girls in the Gang” (University Players); Mrs. Barry in “Anne of Green Gables” (Port Hope Festival Theatre); Inex in "Life x 3" (Damsels in De-Stress production), and part of the original cast of the immersive production "Hogtown" (Hogtown Collective). She was a Christmas Caroller in the ABC movie "12 Dates of Christmas" and a victim in "Jigsaw; Legacy".


In animation, Esther has sung on cartoons such as “Sailor Moon”; “Tom & Vicky”, and voiced an educational cartoon for the 2004 Afghanistan elections.

Esther regularly creates Descriptive Video narrations for the vision impaired. A regular entertainer in Senior Homes, Esther has recorded 2 albums Pickpockets and Loose Women and Songs for Our Father. As well as an audio-book titled Six (J.S Veter).

Sailor Moon

In Sailor Moon, Esther sung Angelo Oddi's adaptations of Love Soldiers (fan-titled "Tear our Hearts in Two"), "I am Sailor Moon", Wanting To Be Us (fan-titled "Here in my Heart"), and The Theme of the Sailor Team (fan-titled "Let's Fight") which were featured in Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S.

In the Sailor Moon S Movie Hearts in Ice Esther also provided the sounds for the Snow Dancers created by Princess Snow Kaguya.

She was never credited for her roles in Sailor Moon.

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