Faraion is the third Cardian that Alan and Ann send to gather energy for the Doom Tree. He has the appearance of a white and pink lion, and rarely speaks. He appeared in Sailor Moon R Episode 3, A Knight to Remember.

He attacked Lita's friend, Ken, and nearly killed him in a bloody battle. Later, he attempted to gather more energy for the Doom Tree, but the Sailor Scouts raced to the scene. Faraion's breath proved to be too much for the Sailor Scouts, but the magical circle that gave Faraion most of his power was shattered by a white rose thrown by the Moonlight Knight. This weakened him, but he attempted to kill Sailor Moon, but Sailor Jupiter attacked him with Jupiter Thunder Crash, killing him.


  • His appearance leads many fans to believe that he is female.
    • But in the original Japanese version, he was a female.
  • Faraion is the only monster of the week in Sailor Moon R whose name is never mentioned.
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