Flower Monsters are the monsters that bloom from Kisenian's flowers in the Sailor Moon R movie The Promise of the Rose.

Each had their own distinct abilities, but they all shared similar facial features, coloring, and armor. They all sprouted from a single blossom, which, according to Fiore, could grow on any surface.

Flower Demon

An insect-type flower monster that attacked the Sailor Scouts on Earth.

This Flower Demon[1] was the first monster sent by Fiore and Kisenian Blossom to Earth and was encountered by the girls during a walk through the city streets. Krishna planted herself in nearby soil, and drained energy from humans that came within a certain range of her bloomed flower. Once Serena and her friends arrived to find the devastation, Krishna used vines to wrap the fainted humans, reanimating them and controlling their movements.

Her arms can also take the form of planet vines to wrap up her enemies and drain their energy, which is collected in the giant blossom on her back. Krishna is quite agile and can easily dodge the attacks from the Sailor Scouts. She was defeated finally when Sailor Mercury froze her with "Shine Aqua Illusion" and was finished off by Sailor Moon's "Moon Princess Elimination".

This Flower Demon was the only monster of the three that showed the ability of human speech.

Flower Demon's voice actor is currently unknown.


A flying monster that attacked the Scouts as they arrived on the minor planet.

Campanula[2] resembled a dragon-fly, but was the most humanoid in appearance out of all the Flower Monsters. She was was able to move at incredible speeds, and combined with the sharp spikes on her elbows, it allowed her to slice through even the hard rock surface of the asteroid with ease.

She was defeated by the Sailor Scouts when they combined their powers and used "Sailor Planet Attack". After the head on collision, Campanula was left tumbling out of control, and then dissolving.

Campanula's voice actor is currently unknown.


A serpent-type monster that attacked the Scouts while on the surface of the asteroid.

This horde of slithering Dahlian[3] were used to attack and capture the Sailor Scouts. However singly easily defeated by the Sailor Scouts' standard attacks, more would spawn to take their place from the many pink flowers that covered the entire minor planet. They were able to coordinate their attacks to enhance their fighting power and create a wave of monsters that couldn't be avoided.

Dahlian disappeared once Fiore began to learn the truth about Kisenian's deception.

The voice actor(s) for Dahlian is currently unknown.


  • In the Japanese version, the Flower Monsters are named "Glycina", "Campanula", and "Dahlian". All 3 names are based on varieties of flowers.


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