Food Fetish

2 (Sailor Moon R)

Air date

November 22, 1995(Canada)
December 4, 1995(USA)


Megumi Sugihara(original)


Kazuhisa Takenouchi




Raye's Day in the Spotlight


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

"Food Fetish" is the ninth episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by Raye's Day in the Spotlight and followed by Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.


Lita falls in love with the Moonlight Knight. Alan is being chased by girls. After he escapes them, he eats lunch with Lita, which makes Ann jealous. Lita is now in love with Alan and suspects that he might be the Moonlight Knight, but when Amy checks her computer, she says the odds are slim.

While Alan is hanging out with Lita, Ann appears and blasts them both. When Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury arrive, so Alan (unseen by anyone) turns into his true form. He and Ann summon a Cardian named Mophead. Mophead traps Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury in moplike cords while tying Sailor Jupiter up with strings after she arrives. The Moonlight Knight appears and sets Sailor Jupiter free, and she uses a new attack, Jupiter Thunder Dragon, to damage Mophead.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus arrive. Sailor Venus attacks Mophead with Venus Crescent Beam Smash, and Sailor Mars uses Mars Fire Ignite to burn away the ball that has Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury trapped (nearly burning them, but they fall into a fountain). Sailor Moon destroys Mophead with Moon Scepter Elimination.

Afterward, Sailor Jupiter decides that Alan is not the Moonlight Knight.


  • First time Sailor Jupiter uses Jupiter Thunder Dragon.
  • First and last appearance of Cardian Mophead
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