Four Face

Four Face is the twelfth Cardian that Alan and Ann send to gather energy for the Doom Tree. She has four faces, each of which can talk. Her head can spin around for whichever face she wants in front. She appeared in Sailor Moon R Episode 12, Secret Garden.

Four Face attacked the audience of a Sailor Moon show (which includes Molly and Melvin), and drained their energy for the Doom Tree. However, the energy weakened the Doom Tree rather than powering it up. Later, when Serena came over to see Alan and Ann, Ann led Serena into their room to the Doom Tree, where Four Face drained Serena's energy. The Doom Tree then wrapped its vines around Serena and Four Face, and killed Four Face by slamming her on the ground.


  • Ever since Sailor Moon got her Moon Scepter in Episode 5, Four Face is the first Cardian not to be destroyed by Moon Scepter Elimination.
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