Friendly Foes

3 (Sailor Moon S)

Air date

June 22, 2000


Sukehiro Tomita(original)


Yuji Endo




Damp Spirits


Mixed Emotions

"Go to the store, there's a sale on personality, you worthless thugs!"


Friendly Foes (also known as Foes United[1]) is the ninth episode of Sailor Moon S. It was preceded by Damp Spirits and followed by Mixed Emotions.


Doctor Tomoe and Kaorinite decide to set a trap and eliminate Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, as they pose a threat and always know where they will strike.

Amara wins a motorcycle race. Many of the other bikers attack her in revenge, but they are stopped by Katsutoshi Yamada, who is passionate about racing and wants to win the next race. Because of this, Amara and Michelle suspect that he might he the next target of the Heart Snatchers.

Serena misses the bus, so Amara gives her a ride on her motorcycle. Two of the other bikers drive a truck, trying to kill them as revenge for Amara beating them in the race, but eventually Amara beats them up and gets to safety with Serena.

Kaorinite attacks Mr. Yamada who defended Amara, planting a Daimon pod in his motorcycle to turn it into a Daimon named Tiren, who extracts his Pure Heart. Sailor Neptune contacts Amara and fights Tiren, returning Yamada's Pure Heart to him as it does not possess power. Tiren splits into two and ties Sailor Neptune to a tree. Amara arrives as Sailor Uranus, and Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and uses her tiara to set Sailor Neptune free.

Tiren chains Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus together, and Kaorinite throws Sailor Neptune over a waterfall. Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus escape, and Sailor Uranus tells Sailor Moon that she and Sailor Neptune need the three Pure Hearts to save the world from the Silence (the darkness from Raye's vision), even though they know that if a person's Pure Heart is gone for too long, that person will die. Sailor Moon notices that Sailor Uranus's perfume is that same as Amara's, when suddenly Tiren and her clone attack them again.

Much to Kaorinite's shock and anger, Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus put aside their differences and work together to fight Tiren. They trick her into setting them free with her golden ring attack. Sailor Neptune survives her fall. Sailor Uranus destroys Tiren's clone with World Shaking, and Sailor Moon destroys Tiren with Moon Spiral Heart Attack.


  • First and last appearance of Daimon Tiren


(the girls and Darien notice that Serena is not on the bus ride home only to find that she is catching up with the bus)

  • Darien: It's all right. She can catch the next bus.

(After Sailor Neptune is thrown off a cliff by Kaorinite, and Sailor Uranus drags her away from saving her)

  • Sailor Moon: Hey! Hold on! What are you doing?! She fell over there!


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