Germatoid is a Daimon who was possessing Doctor Tomoe for most of Sailor Moon S. He is the most powerful Daimon, as while he is possessing Doctor Tomoe, he was in command of all the Heart Snatchers, and the leader of the Bureau of Bad Behavior.

Character biography

When Doctor Tomoe was doing an experiment at his lab, and was looking at a galaxy, Germatoid caused a lab explosion that nearly killed Doctor Tomoe and his daughter, Hotaru, and then he possessed him through his right eye after promising to make sure they survived the explosion.

Hotaru was chosen to be the host of Mistress 9, the Sovereign of Silence.

The Germatoid-possessed Tomoe was the main antagonist of Sailor Moon S. In Episode 31, Next in Line, the story of him possessing Tomoe is shown. In Episode 35, Who's Really Who?, Mistress 9 sent him after Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. There, Germatoid left Doctor Tomoe's body, revealing himself as a gigantic plantlike Daimon with a face resembling Tomoe's shadowed face (his one eye was identical to Tomoe's right eye). Sailor Uranus blew him to bits with World Shaking, but he entered several monsters of his creation, bringing them all to life (though the real Germatoid was inside one of them, and the rest were like clones).

In his new, humanoid form, Germatoid's eye and mouth looked the same, and he was extremely stretchy, rubbery, and marshmallowy, as all of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's attacks bounced off of him and his clones. After making their Pure Heart treasures appear, Sailor Neptune used the Deep Aqua Mirror to immobilize them all, turning them transparent, except for the real Germatoid, revealing him. Sailor Uranus then stabbed him in the face with her Space Sword. Germatoid was destroyed, and all his clones crumbled.


Germatoid's attacks in his true form are unknown, but in the form of the several human-sized monsters, he attacks by stretching his arms like a vine or tentacle and wrapping it around his enemies, and fights alongside many clones. He is also extremely difficult to kill.

Voiced by Jeff Lumby