Golden Revival

4, Sailor Moon Super S


Nathalie Gregoire Lisa Lumby-Richards Drew McCarthy Louise Tasse


Yuji Endo



Golden Revival is the 38th episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by One In The Hand and followed by The Sweetest Dream.


Queen Nehelenia's circus tents are descending from the sky to take over the world. She has placed Sailor Mini Moon in Eternal Sleep. The Sailor Scouts fight Nehelenia, but she easily gains the advantage, unstoppable with the power of the Golden Crystal. Not even their Sailor Planet Attack (which they say "Planet Cosmic Power") works on her.

Meanwhile, Darien hears a voice calling him "Prince Darien". Helios shows him what Elysion used to look like, and what it looks like now, and that Nehelenia has the golden crystal. He then uses the last of his power to wake Sailor Mini Moon up from her eternal sleep.

Despite losing Nehelenia's power, the Amazon Quartet still possess some of their power, so they switch the golden crystal with a pineapple, taking away the majority of Nehelenia's power. Besubesu gives the golden crystal to Sailor Moon, who tries to use it, but to no effect. Nehelenia says that it takes a great power to use the crystal, a power which only she possesses and the crystal is dying in Sailor Moon's hands. Helios says that although the people have lost their dreams, they have not lost the ability to dream. Sailor Mini Moon speaks to everyone on Earth through the golden crystal and tells them to help them save the world. Almost all of them say "Moon Cosmic Dream Action!", including Melanie, Kelly, Mr. Honjo, his son, and Lizzie, and the Golden Crystal's power is restored by their own power giving Sailor Moon godlike power.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon say "Moon Cosmic Dream Action!" and use the golden crystal to shoot a gold energy beam at Queen Nehelenia, defeating her and destroying the circus tents.

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