Grandpa Hino is Raye's grandfather who works at the temple. He first appeared in Episode 7, An Uncharmed Life. He got a worker named Jed, who turned out to be Jedite in disguise.

In Episode 26, Grandpa's Follies, Grandpa Hino got a new worker named Chad. He was also revealed to be the sixth of the rainbow crystal carriers, and therefore has one of the Seven Shadows inside him. Zoycite extracted the indigo crystal from him and turned him into Pox, the sixth shadow. He was returned to normal when Sailor Moon used Moon Healing Activation on him.

He would end up being the last of the rainbow crystal carriers being hunted by Prince Darian before Sailor Mercury shattered the dark crystal, releasing the other six.

In Sailor Moon R, Grandpa opened a martial arts tournament where he fought Catzi's droid, Rhonda, and both he and Raye got beat up, until Sailor Moon destroyed Rhonda.

Voiced by David Fraser

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