Heightened Hazard

3 (Sailor Moon S)

Air date

July 19, 2000


Shigeru Yanagawa(original)


Kunihiko Ikuhara




Thorny Weather


It's in the Cards

Heightened Hazard is the 28th episode of Sailor Moon S. It was preceded by Thorny Weather and followed by It's in the Cards.


Tuxedo Mask tells Serena and the others of the three Sailor Scouts of the outer system: Sailor Uranus of the upper world, Sailor Neptune of the sea, and Sailor Pluto of the lower world, and that they are more powerful than the other Sailor Scouts.

Hotaru, who is no longer avoiding Rini, writes a letter to an athlete named Shawn Hayes, but does not know his address, so Serena suggests that she give it to him directly. Shawn is the next target of Mimet, who is a fan of his and is playing Twister with one of the other Witches 5 (still shadowed) and loses. After Mimet leaves, Doctor Tomoe plays Twister with the witches. 

Serena, Rini, and Hotaru arrive at the stadium, where Shawn's guards try to stop them, but Shawn stops the guards. Before Hotaru can give her letter, Mimet releases the latest Daimon, Undohkai, who chases after Shawn's guards with a giant fireball, burning Hotaru's letter in the process. Serena and Rini transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon, but Undohkai ties their feet together with a ribbon and sucks Shawn's Pure Heart out through his mouth and eats it.

Hotaru uses her power to blast Undohkai, who curls up inside her crablike shell. Sailor Mini Moon uses Pink Sugar Heart Attack on her, giving Sailor Moon enough time to untie the ribbon around their feet, and she uses the Purity Chalice to transform into Super Sailor Moon and destroys Undohkai with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Hotaru talks to Shawn, and he later sets another new record.


  • First and last appearance of Daimon Undohkai
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