Housenka is a Negamonster who works for Zoycite. She can shoot thorns from her arm. She appeared in Sailor Moon Episode 20, A Friend in Wolf's Clothing.

Zoycite sent Housenka, Grape, and Suzuran to kill Neflite. First, they kidnapped Molly, whom she was in love with. Neflite came to save her, and beat up the three plant sisters, nearly killing Housenka with a sword. However, he did not kill her, instead telling her to tell Zoycite that she would not be getting his star crystal.

When the plant sisters returned, Housenka stabbed Neflite in the shoulder with thorns, mortally wounding him. As she was about to finish both Neflite and Molly off, the Sailor Scouts arrived. Housenka was killed along with Grape and Suzuran when Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars combined their Moon Tiara Magic and Mars Fire Ignite.

However, the damage to Neflite was done, and he died of his injury and dissolved into dust.


  • Housenka and her sisters are the last Negamonsters to appear that weren't transformed from a human or a cat, before the Doom and Gloom Girls showed up. (Although technically the Seven Shadows existed as monsters before they were reborn inside the crystal carriers).
  • She is the first of two monsters of the week to kill a major character (and reformed villain at that), the second being Mr. Magic Pierrot. This makes her one of the four most significant monsters of the week.