Biographical Information
Name Hypnotica
Aliases None
Eye Color
Hair Color Blue
Skin Color Pale-blue
Height 5'6"
Enemy Information
Monster Type Droid
Alignment Negamoon
Affiliation Avery, Prizma
Rank Minion
Mission Defeat Sailor Moon
Operations Base
Power Source
Weaknesses None known
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "Prediction of Doom"
Last Appearance "Prediction of Doom"
English Voice Unknown
Japanese Voice

"Go to sleep, go to sleep, you must rest forever!"
—Hypnotica, Ep. #62

Hypnotica is a droid sent by Prizma and Avery to defeat the Sailor Scouts. She has blue hair and the ability to put people into eternal sleep (unlike Jedite, this is the type of Eternal Sleep that Sleeping Beauty would fall into, rather than being frozen in a block of ice and trapped in infinite darkness), and also drain their energy. She appeared in Sailor Moon R Episode 22, Prediction of Doom.

Prizma and Avery sent Hypnotica to fight the Sailor Scouts, and she put Sailor Moon into eternal sleep. Sailor Mars damaged her with a scroll attack, but she turned into smoke and went inside Sailor Moon to drain her energy, with the intent of killing her. However, a kiss from Tuxedo Mask (though he immediately went back to avoiding her afterwards) drove Hypnotica out of Sailor Moon, who proceeded to destroy her with her scepter.

Hypnotica is the final droid sent by the Negamoon Sisters.

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