Jadeite (SMC)
Biographical Information
Name Jadeite
Aliases Jadeite, Knight of Purity and Comfort
Blood Type
Personal information
Favorite Color
Favorite Gmestone
Favorite Foods
Least Favorite Food
Favorite Subject
Least Favorite Subject
Favorite Sport
Favorite Animal
Enemy Information
Alignment Evil
Affiliation Dark Kingdom
Rank General
Abilities Creating Youmas
Power Source
Monster Type
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance Act 1 - Usagi, Sailor Moon
Last Appearance
English Todd Haberkorn
Japanese Daisuke Kishio



Jadeite basically retains the same appearance he does, but a notable change is that his uniform is now gray, and the outline on his uniform is blue, not red.


In the first episode, Jadeite is seen creating a youma from the ground in an unidentified location. Later in the episode, he is seen watching Sailor Moon from a crystal ball and says that she is "not bad at all". In the second episode, Jadeite is scolded by Queen Beryl for not finding the Silver Crystal. As he walks away, he creates another youma to collect energy, brainwash Tokyo, and find the Silver Crystal. Later, when Sailor Moon defeats the youma, Jadeite watches from atop a building, angered that she has once again defeated his minion.

Jadeite is berated by Queen Beryl, as well as fellow generals, Nephrite and Zoisite, for his failures. Taking it into his own hands to confront the Senshi himself, he drives the six o'clock bus from Rei Hino's shrine, and abducts passengers on the bus to transport them to the Dark Kingdom as a way of luring the Sailor Senshi into a trap. One of his victims was Rei Hino, who he felt attraction towards. Usagi, in the disguise of a stewardess, boards the bus as it teleports into the Dark Kingdom. She then transforms into Sailor Moon, allowing Sailor Mercury to reach the Dark Kingdom as well. The Sailor Senshi try to fight Jadeite, but he is able to get the better of them and attempts to freeze them. Rei confronts Jadeite, and is revealed to be Sailor Mars. She transforms and Sailor Moon binds him with her tiara. Sailor Mars then uses Akuryo Taisan against Jadeite, causing him to flee.

Jadeite appears briefly in the fourth episode, returning from his painful encounter with Sailor Mars before he is marked by his superior, Kunzite. He also appears alongside the other Four Kings of Heaven after Princess Dia is freed from Nephrite's Soul Shadow to confront the Sailor Senshi.


  • Unlike the 90's anime or the manga, Jadeite survives to near the end of the Dark Kingdom arc.
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