Jill Frappier
Jill Frappier (Present)
Biographical Information
G. Name Jill Frappier
S. Name Jill Frappier
Born United Kingdom
Birth N/A
Role(s) Luna,
Queen Beryl(ep82),
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Jill Frappier is a Canadian voice actor. She provided the voice of Luna in the Optimum Productions localizations of Sailor Moon.


Personal Life

Frappier was born in Lord Louis Mountbatten’s stately home in England. She moved to Canada in 1967 to work as a British hostess at the British pavilion during the 1967 International and Universal Exposition, where she met her first husband, Roger Frappier, who was pursing a career in directing.[1]

Film and Television

Jill Frappier is a veteran Canadian actor. Her professional career began in 1969, and has spans a length of forty five years. Frappier's career began with film dubbing and stage work. She performed at Stratford and Shaw festivals and at almost every major theater across Canada. She performed Lysistrata in The Applecart in Halifax Nova Scotia followed by Vivien in Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii in Victoria BC.[1]

Frappier's recent television appearances included Saving Hope, The Strain, Man Seeking Woman, Murdoch Mysteries, and National Geographic’s Cradle to Grave. Frappier has also worked steadily in commercials since as late as 2016.[1]

During the 1970s, She provided her voice for commercials advertising the British Airways for two years. In 1987 she co-starred with Christopher Plummer as his wife in the miniseries Spearfield’s Daughter. Frappier is fluent in and performs in French; she appeared in Une Nuit en Amerique with Robert Rivard and starred in Elisa Quatre. She played Jacques Godin’s wife in Samuel et La Mer, a television miniseries.[1]

Sailor Moon

In 1995, Frappier began voice work on DiC Entertainment's English localization of Toei Animation's Sailor Moon. She is one of the few voice actors from the original localization who remained on the series until its end with Sailor Moon SuperS, the fourth and final season televised in North America before licencing rights expired in 2003. Frappier makes appearances at various Anime Conventions to discuss her work on the series.[1]

Work as a Writer

Frappier has written eight plays aimed toward young audiences, and performed her stories in schools theatres and on the radio. For twenty years, Frappier once ran her own own drama school for children and teens she called "Dragontrails". Frapier worked on a one woman show and focusing on her pottery.[1]


  • Jill has a cat named "Flossie".[1]

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