Biographical Information
Name Jumper
Eye Color Light-pink
Hair Color Blonde
Skin Color Pale-aquamarine
Height Unknown
Enemy Information
Monster Type Remless
Alignment Dark Moon Circus
Affiliation JunJun
Rank Minion
Operations Base Harbour Elementary School
Power Source
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "Vaulting To Victory"
Last Appearance "Vaulting To Victory"
English Voice unknown
Japanese Voice

Jumper is a Remless sent by JunJun to fight the Sailor Scouts. He has the appearance of a bat, and uses his tail as a propeller blade like a helicopter to fly. He appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 28, Vaulting To Victory.

When JunJun extracted the dream mirror of an athlete named Kelly, the Sailor Scouts came to stop her, so she summoned Jumper, who ate the dream mirror. He then flew around, with the Sailor Scouts unable to attack him. It was then that Sailor Mini Moon (who, until now, was unable to jump the vaulting horse) jumped over him as if he were a vaulting horse, knocking him to the ground. She then used Crystal Twinkle Bell to call Pegasus, and Sailor Moon destroyed him with Moon Gorgeous Meditation, releasing the dream mirror.


  • Jumper uses his tail to fly. This is also done by Raccoon Mario in the game Super Mario Bros. 3. The way he uses it like a helicopter, however, is more like the character Tails from the Sonic series.
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