Sailor Scout Attack
Jupiter Oak Evolution-14.jpg
ジュピター・オーク・エボリューション (Jupiter Oak Evolution?)
Jupiter Oak Evolution
1st Appearance "Nightmare Garden"
Attack Information
Sailor Scout Sailor Jupiter
Attack Type Offensive
Element Lightning-based attack
"Jupiter... Oak... Evolution!"
—Attack Phrase

Jupiter Oak Evolution (also known as Oak Evolution) is Sailor Jupiter's sixth and final attack. Oak Evolution is the strongest of Sailor Jupiter's offensive attacks.


Of the five attacks Sailor Jupiter commanded, Oak Evolution appeared to be rooted to both the element of electricity and element of wood, or specifically, oak. Using Crystal Power bestowed to her by Pegasus, Jupiter extends her hand and the symbol of Jupiter appears. Electricity springs from the palm of her hand. She proceeds to spin with her right foot and her lightning rod extends from her tiara. Light emits from the lightning rod and she spins faster. appears. Upon gaining proper momentum, Sailor Jupiter is able to send leaf-esque bolts of electricity toward her target.

Sailor Moon SuperS

When Pegasus restored Sailor Jupiter's power using Crystal Power, she became Super Sailor Jupiter.[1] Sailor Jupiter used it to destroy a humanoid Remless summoned by Selesele, Jarajara.[1]


Jupiter Oak Evolution is a play on the words "Jupiter" and "Wood". Both "Jupiter" (木星 Mokusei?) and "Wood" (?) feature the Han character, "木" in Japanese. In Roman and Greek Mythology, the Oak tree is a sacred symbol of worship for both the god Jupiter and Zeus.[2]



Jupiter Oak Evolution


  • "Jupiter Oak Evolution" and "Venus Love and Beauty Shock" are second attacks gained by Sailor Jupiter and Venus in an episode wherein Lita and Mina were fighting with each other. The first was "A Charmed Life" in Sailor Moon R.
  • In the English dub of Sailor Moon SuperS produced by Cloverway, Sailor Jupiter would occasionally say "Jupiter Power" or "Sailor Jupiter" during her Oak Evolution attack. This is likely an writing or production error.


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