Sailor Scout Attack
Jupiter Thunder-11
Sailor Jupiter performing "Jupiter Thunder Crash"
Jupiter Thunder Crash
1st Appearance "Jupiter Comes Thundering In[1]"
Attack Information
Sailor Scout Sailor Jupiter
Attack Type Offensive
Element Lightning-based attack
"On behalf of Jupiter I call upon the forces of thunder and lightning to vanquish this evil!"
—Sailor Jupiter

Jupiter Thunder Crash (also known as Supreme Thunder Crash, Supreme Thunder, and Jupiter Thunderbolts Crash) is Sailor Jupiter's primary attack. An offensive attack, Jupiter Thunder is one of Sailor Jupiter's strongest attacks and can be used in tandem with other Sailor Scout attacks, defensive or offensive.


Jupiter Thunder requires that Sailor Jupiter cross her arms over her chest with her index and pinky finger extended on each hand. Harnessing the element of lightning, a lightning rod extends from her tiara and absorbs the electrical energy from lightning bolts as they crash down from the sky. Sailor Jupiter throws her arms open and sends forth a giant spherical arc of electricity at her enemies.

Sailor Moon

Jupiter Thunder was an attack rarely been used to destroy monsters; Sailor Jupiter typically used the attack to damage them in order for Sailor Moon to destroy them with her ability of the moment. However, there have been at least three monsters destroyed by this attack. The first two were red and blue Doom and Gloom Girls prior to Sailor Moon's confrontation with Queen Beryl.[2]

Sailor Moon R

After regaining her memories and abilities as Sailor Jupiter, the third instance a monster was killed by Jupiter Thunder was when the Sailor Scouts faced the Cardian Nacrid.[3] She combined Jupiter Thunder with Sailor Venus's Venus Crescent Beam Smash.



Jupiter Thunder


  • The defunct official website for Sailor Moon incorrectly named the attack "Jupiter Thunder Crush". This was likely a typo.
    • In the Mixx manga it was called Jupiter Thunder and Thunder and Lightning Shower Down
    • In the Kodansha manga and the Viz Media English dub, it retains its name.
    • When Sailor Jupiter first used Supreme Thunder in episode 25 of the anime, Sailor Moon misheard it as "Chou Cream Sundae" (シュー・クリーム・サンデー). Naoko Takeuchi later drew a three-panel parody manga in the Original Picture Collection Volume 1 artbook with Sailor Jupiter performing the "Chou Cream Sundae" attack.
    • In the DiC English dub, the attack name changed several times throughout the course of the series, to different titles including "Jupiter Thunder Crash", "Jupiter Thunderbolts Crash" and "Supreme Thunder Crash", though it was sometimes referred to by its original name. In the CWi dub, she calls the attack name while using her 2nd ability Sparkling Wide Pressure against the daimon Scar who victimizes her.


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