Sailor Scout Attack
Jupiter Thunderclap
Sailor Jupiter performing Jupiter Thunderclap Zap
Jupiter Thunderclap Zap
1st Appearance "A Charmed Life"
Attack Information
Sailor Scout Sailor Jupiter
Attack Type Offensive
Element Lightning-based attack
"Jupiter Thunderclap... Zap!"
—Sailor Jupiter

Jupiter Thunderclap Zap (also known as Sparkling Wide Pressure, Jupiter Thunder Power, Supreme Thunder Crash, and Superior Sparkling Thunder) is Sailor Jupiter's primary attack. An offensive attack, Jupiter Thunder is one of Sailor Jupiter's strongest attacks and can be used in tandem with other Sailor Scout attacks, defensive or offensive.


Sparkling Wide Pressure requires that Sailor Jupiter clasp her hands together and separate them. Between her hands is a ball of electricity that that becomes flattened and narrow. Drawing her arm back, Sailor Jupiter throws her right arm forward and sends forth a angled arc of electricity at her enemies.

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus used their attacks for the first time to fight off Prizma and Avery .[1] The following their fight with Jellax, Sailor Jupiter used Jupiter Thunderclap as her primary attack. Jupiter Thunderclap was strong enough to wound a dragon transformed Emerald, who survived the attack.[citation needed]



Jupiter Thunderclap


  • "Jupiter Thunderclap" is the name given to "Sparkling Wide Pressure" in the English localization of Sailor Moon's first season. The remaining three seasons dubbed (R, S and SuperS) use "Sparkling Wide Pressure".


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