Kindergarten Chaos is the sixth episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by Cherry Blossom Time and followed by Much Ado About Babysitting.


Mina wakes up late. On her way to school, she runs into a girl named Carrie who is being picked on by bullies, and protects her from them. On her way home from school, she see the bullies picking on Carrie again, convinced that Sailor Moon doesn't exist. Mina talks with Carrie about Sailor Moon and asks her about Sailor Venus, but Carrie has never heard of her.

Alan and Ann decide to drain energy from young kids, as they have energy and the previous energy they have been draining did not seem to work on the Doom Tree and give it power. They send a Cardian named Vulturos to drain energy from school buses. Amy calculates which school will be targeted next, which is Carrie's school, where Mina is at the moment telling everyone that Sailor Moon is real.

Serena uses Disguise Power to turn into a kindergarten teacher and gets on the bus. Vulturos attacks the bus, and Serena and Mina (out of sight of anyone else) transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. Vulturos is too powerful, with Sailor Venus's Venus Crescent Beam Smash being ineffective. After the arrival of the Moonlight Knight, Sailor Venus uses a new attack, Venus Meteor Shower, to damage Vulturos, and Sailor Moon destroys him with Moon Scepter Elimination.

Now Carrie loves Sailor Venus and wants to be exactly like her.


  • Sailor Venus uses a new attack called Venus Meteor Shower.
  • First and last appearance of Cardian Vulturos.
  • This is the only time in Sailor Moon R when Serena use Disguise power.


  • There is a leak of ten new Pokemon the Series XY and the title of this episode will be used in the second to last of these episodes.
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